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Investor Summary - MTOmics
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Investor Summary

Nam liber tempor cum soluta nobis


Delaware, 2021

Health Technology

Platform Name:


Each Year Worldwide…

17 Million

Cancer Diagnoses

10 Million

Die from Cancer

$1 Trillion

Spent on Cancer Care
  • Problem

    Cancer and other chronic metabolic diseases continue to grow at an alarming rate. Clinicians are dealing with data overload, lack of time to assess a patient's treatment priorities effectively, and lack of time to provide bio-individualized care in a clinically meaningful and actionable way.

  • Solution

    MTOmics is a platform that analyzes patient clinical diagnostic data to enable clinicians to quickly and repeatedly uncover critical decision-making insights that inform the best treatment for that patient at the right time.

  • Goals & Objectives

    Automate and accelerate patient assessment and clinical scalability
    Provide next best action
    True bio-individualized insights to improve patient outcomes

An Integrative approach is the right approach to achieving better patient outcomes.

  • Methodology

  • Based on Dr. Nasha Winter’s proven methodology for a clinician to test, assess and address in an automated, rules-based system
  • The Dashboard

  • A dashboard empowers the clinician to monitor and adjust treatment and trajectory of patient’s response in real-time based on the ongoing evaluation through Dr. Nasha’s proven methodology
  • Repository

  • Repository of well-vetted, evidence-informed interventions that are paired appropriately with standard of care treatments
  • Global

  • Network of global clinicians educated on Dr. Nasha’s methodology
  • Scalable

  • Scalability to allow physicians to provide care to the increasing numbers seeking complementary treatments by leveraging the network of Metabolic Terrain trained patient advocates
  • Measurable

  • Through repeated testing, data collection and assessment, MTOmics measures treatment efficacy and facilitates clinician adjustments with each patient visit


• Bio-individualize care

• Evaluate patients comprehensively/efficiently

• Use the right data to inform clinical decisions

• Improve quality of life

• Provide answers to patient questions

• Improve patient outcomes

• Give time back to the doctors

Global Market Opportunity

Our global network of Metabolic Approach to Cancer trained physicians is 100 strong and growing at a steady pace.

Globally cancer is growing at an alarming rate.

What is more alarming is the slow rate of growth of trained physicians to face this mammoth task.

Health Segment:
Any Type of Cancer

Metabolic Approach To Cancer

Current Network:
100 Licensed Clinicians
& 200 Trained Advocates

Total Addressable Market:
12k Physicians & 100k+ Practitioners,
19.3M Cancer Patients Yearly